August 14, 2020

Sunday Supper Benefactors

Sunday Supper Benefactors

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership program (WEL) is an advanced educational and networking program for women restaurant owners looking to expand and grow. Envisioned and launched by EDENS’ CEO Jodie W. McLean and programmed by James Beard Foundation (JBF) in conjunction with Cornell University, each 10-week session is open to 20 participants annually, who complete a curriculum of gender-specific training and advanced leadership development. With generous support raised at Sunday Supper events, JBF expanded WEL this year to include two cohorts, a fall 2022 and winter 2023 class, comprised of 112 women-owned businesses across the country with an average revenue of $3 million and between 50 and 65 employees. Combined, WEL has supported and empowered 217 businesses since its founding in 2017.

Regarding Her (RE:Her) is a national non-profit organization driven by women restaurateurs on a mission to empower and advance women, women of color, indigenous women and LGBTQ+ identifying women entrepreneurs working in the food and beverage industry. RE:Her aims to evolve and advance women, the hospitality industry and society at-large using a loud and clear voice expressed by this groundswell movement, with the ultimate social impact goal of more equity, inclusion, mental health, support and access to resources by leveraging our common need for food, connection and uplifting experiences. Four members of RE:Her’s Board of Directors are WEL graduates: Daniella Senior, Fiona Lewis, Tiffany MacIsaac and Beth Black.

The LEE Initiative
The LEE Initiative, an acronym for Let’s Empower Employment, was founded in 2018 with a mission to address and advocate for a more diverse, compassionate, sustainable and equitable restaurant industry by providing innovative and impactful solutions. Programs include leadership pathways for women in the food and beverage industry, restaurant workers relief, restaurant reboot relief, culinary education and a collaboration with Southern Restaurants for Racial Justice.

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