October 4, 2020


When you enter our town square—our “Maydān”—we want you to feel a sense of wonder. We want you to forget what you know and be ready to explore. And we’ll be there with you for every bite. You’ll feel like you’ve met new friends—a new family—who will guide you through the square to a table full of dishes. Spreads, salads, condiments, roasted and grilled vegetables, meats, and seafood coming together in unison. Just remember, there is no wrong way to go about this.

Marcelle Afram is the newly named Executive Chef of Compass Rose and Michelin-starred Maydan in Washington, DC. Afram describes her international culinary style as “Middle Eastern soul food” stemming from her roots growing up in a Lebanese and Syrian family and Syriac home in Maryland. Now, taking on the open fire hearth that anchors Maydan’s Middle Eastern menu and the globally nomadic street foods of Compass Rose, she will introduce and develop new dishes that incorporate the flavors of the Mesopotamia into each restaurant.

Make your reservations for Sunday, October 4.

Our community’s safety and well-being is our highest priority. All participating restaurants are practicing social distancing and implementing strict safety protocols such as mask-wearing and increased cleaning procedures in indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor space is available, first come first serve, weather-permitting at some of our participating restaurants. Please indicate your preference in the comments below. For questions and additional information please visit our FAQ page.

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