Sunday Supper

May 7, 2023

Creating Places That Inspire Connection

"We believe in creating places that breed a culture of togetherness and human familiarity, where people are naturally inspired to gather and communicate. Few experiences capture the warmth and authenticity of cohesive communities than the cultivation, preparation and sharing of a delicious family-style meal."
- Jodie W. McLean

You're invited to take a seat at the table and join makers, creatives and business leaders, along with the chefs, artisans, civic leaders and community advocates who are shaping our food-ways and championing our small businesses.

Since its inception in 2012, Sunday Supper has remained rooted in the tradition of gathering around the table, celebrating the community built at Union Market. We are steadfast in our objectives for this event: to raise awareness of the continued need for more diversity in the executive ranks of the culinary industry and to create more opportunities for women chefs and culinary professionals to excel as industry leaders and policy makers.

Past Chefs Include

Cocktail Chefs
Gina Chersevani - Buffalo & Bergen
Iris Veronica Jimenez - La Casita Pupuseria
Fiona Lewis - District Fishwife
Kelly Philips - Destino
Daniella Senior & AJ Johnson - Serenata
Shannan Troncosco - Brookland's Finest Kitchen & Bar
Laetitia Chrapchynski - Embassy of Canada

Featured Chefs
Brittanny Anderson - Brenner Pass, Metzger Bar & Butchery, and Leni
Amy Brandwein - Centrolina
Marjorie Meek Bradley - St. Anselm
Kat Petonito - The Duck & The Peach
Christine Lau

Dessert Chefs
Violetta Edelman - Dolcezza Gelato
Jodi Lehr - Santa Lucia Coffee
Tiffany MacIsaac - Buttercream Bakeshop
Jean Louis Berthet - Maman

Through the support of our generous community, EDENS has been able to initiate and establish the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program in partnership with the James Beard Foundation. The program continues to evolve and further empower women’s leadership in building the restaurant industry.

Sunday Supper

Sunday, May 7, 2023
DOCK5 | 1309 5th Street NE

Casual Cocktail Attire