Sunday Supper

You're Invited!

June 2 | 5pm

Our signature event at Union Market District is a celebration of the collaborative spirit of this unique community. It’s a fantastic opportunity for lively conversation around ways to make our food scene more dynamic and equitable, while delighting in the incredible talents of our featured chefs and makers.

"We believe in creating places that breed a culture of togetherness and human familiarity, where people are naturally inspired to gather and communicate. Few experiences capture the warmth and authenticity of cohesive communities than the cultivation, preparation and sharing of a delicious family-style meal."
- Jodie W. McLean



Participating Chefs:

Fiona Lewis - District Fishwife
Reid and Sara Shilling - Shilling Canning Company
Keri Wieczorek- Meli
Gina Chersevani - Buffalo & Bergen
AJ Johnson & Daniella Senior – Serenata, Colada Shop
JP Sabatier – Jane Jane
Lindsey Flowers - St. Anselm

Joy Crump – FOODE, Mercantile
Keem Hughley – Bronze
Meherwan Irani – Chai Pani
Edward Lee – Succotash Prime
Amy Brandwein – Centrolina
Ruben Garcia – Unfold Hospitality

Violetta and Robb Edelman – Dolcezza
Rochelle Cooper – La Collina, Meli, The Duck & The Peach, The Wells
Elisa Marshall – Maman
Chelsea Tan - Chiboo Bakery
Susan Bae - Moon Rabbit
Toyin Alli - Puddin'

Sunday Supper

June 2 @ 5pm DOCK5 | 1309 5th Street NE
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